Normandy & Paris


Normandy & Paris

The Normandy landings (codenamed Operation Neptune) were the landing operations on 6 June 1944 (termed D-Day) of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. The largest seaborne invasion in history.


D-Day Normandy & Paris

Depart on an overseas International flight, with dinner and breakfast on board.

D-Day Normandy & Paris


Arrive at Paris Airport. Meet your TourLeader and transfer to your hotel. Get installed. Afternoon guided tour of Paris. Dinner and accommodation at Hotel.


D-Day Normandy & Paris


After breakfast we transfer to our motor coach and proceed to Normandy. Enroute we visit the HQ of FM Erwin Rommel at the La Roche Guyon, followed by a stop for lunch in the historic city of Rouen with its classic cathedral.

We then arrive in our hotel in the center of Caen, the largest city in Normandy, founded 900 years ago by William the Conqueror and was almost totally destroyed in 1944. After hotel check in, enjoy an evening at leisure.


D-Day Normandy & Paris

Britisch beaches & the left flank

We begin our exploration of the British and Canadian landings with a tour of the Allied Left Flank. We start with the Merville Battery and Pegasus Bridge, sites of the earliest landings and combat against the German defenders as British and Canadian Airborne Forces execute some of the most difficult and challenging missions of D-Day. We then proceed to Ouistreham, where the French commandos captured the fortified Casino, an action depicted in the film, “The Longest Day.”

We continue our drive along the Canadian and British beaches stopping for lunch at the picturesque little fishing village of Arromanches. The remains of one of the two artificial “Mulberry” harbors erected in the landing operation may still be seen. In the afternoon we will tour the German coastal defense battery at Longes-sur-Mer, probably the best remaining example of such a battery in Normandy. Upon return to our hotel, dinner and the evening are at leisure.


D-Day Normandy & Paris

Utah beach & Ste Mere eglise

Today, we will bus to the right flank of the American sector and visit Utah Beach and its very interesting little museum at La Madeleine. We will spend time in the quaint little town of Ste Mere Eglise, another site made famous by the film, “The Longest Day.” We’ll look around the town square where a mannequin of a paratrooper hangs from the church spire to recall Private John Steele, of the 82nd Airborne Division, whose parachute became fouled there very early on the morning of D-Day.

Then will come a visit to the Airborne Forces Museum where a C-47 troop transport aircraft that flew in the invasion is on display and where you’ll have an opportunity to walk through a rare WACO glider. We’ll drive by several of the drop- and landing-zones of both the 82nd and 101st Airborne. Weather-permitting, we will have the chance to walk through the well preserved remains of Maisy Battery, which were “discovered” only a few years ago. Finally, we pay a visit to the somber German military cemetery at La Cambe where 21,500 German troops are buried, including Tiger Tank “Ace” Michael Wittmann .


D-Day Normandy & Paris

Omaha Beach & Normandy cemetery

This morning we will leave the hotel early and head to Omaha Beach. You will walk the sands where the liberation of France began over 69 years before. Our tour will include the seawall, bunkers, and other German defenses along the beach, Vierville Draw near which the 29th Infantry Division landed and which was featured in both “The Longest Day ” and “Saving Private Ryan,” the St Laurent Draw and many of the monuments in the area.

We’ll drive along part of the beach where the 1st Division landed and then go up the draw to the top of the bluff to visit the beautiful Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer.It is the resting place of 9,387 Americans, including Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., who earned the Medal of Honor for his leadership on Utah Beach. We will visit the newly opened American Interpretative Center located next to the cemetery. After lunch on our own, we’ll tour Pointe du Hoc and examine the German gun positions that stood on this 100-foot-high bluff seized by troops of the 2nd Ranger Battalion in an incredible feat of bravery. Our last stop of the day will be to view the incomparable Bayeux Tapestry, which commemorates William the Conqueror’s victory at the battle of Hastings in 1066 and is nearly 1000 years old.

Upon return to our hotel, dinner and the evening are at leisure.



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After breakfast, we will bid farewell to Normandy and head for Paris, stopping for a tour of the historic city of Rouen. Here we will visit the site of Joan of Arc’s martyrdom as well as the world famous cathedral. We depart for Paris and on arrival take a driving tour of the city, quite arguably the most beautiful city in the world. Past tour participants have expressed the desire to have more, unstructured, free time to explore Paris on their own.

Therefore, upon arrival we will check-in to our hotel and have the remainder of the afternoon and evening, as well as the entire next day, at leisure. Your tour leaders will be available to offer suggestions of things to do and places to visit, as well as how to take advantage of Paris’ excellent public transportation system.




Your choices are endless and a Paris guidebook, obtained before the tour may help you. You can ride one of the hop-on/hop off tour buses for an excellent city driving tour. You can experience more military history with a visit to Napoleon’s Tomb in Les Invalides, the National Army Museum, where Marshal Ferdinand Foch, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in France, is also entombed.

You can see firsthand the art treasures of the Louvre, Orsay Museum, Rodin Museum, and Pompidou Center, take in the architectural wonders of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Opera, the Basilica de Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, the Marais and even take an optional tour to Versailles. Or, you can just sit on a bench on the Champs Elysees and watch the world pass by. Many past participants have favored the huge flea market at Porte de Clignancourt, where you can find all types of military and other antiques.

Shopping at the large department stores and small boutiques is great., a walk along the Quays that line the River Seine to check out the bookstalls and artists, are but a sampling of things our tour alumni have done. Whatever you choose, it will likely provide great memories.


D-Day Normandy & Paris

Paris – breakfast

Transfer departure to the Airport. End of services after registration of passengers and baggage.